Love What You Do!!!

I  am a hair stylist and skin therapist because I love what I do.

I can express my creativity through a process of making someone’s day.  I love the versatility of my job.  I can give a child their first haircut,  prepare a brides hair and make up for her big day and help a struggling teen with their problematic skin.  I am definitely a start finisher and work with your parameters to create a masterpiece we both enjoy.  I don’t specialize in one area I like to do it all and I’m  up for any challenge color or cut!

I know I have achieved success when I hear “its exactly what I wanted”!!! I pride myself in being able to read through what you describe as the look you want to achieve.  In other words I listen.   I remember before I was a professional and I would go to the hair dresser and ask for something different.  I would leave with the same look 9 times out of 10. Now that I have been at it awhile I understand that these stylists were just cautious.

It is a fine art to listening and creating with clients.  I take into account many factors of your daily life during my consultation.  My goal is to make a difference and I want you to be able to go home and recreate the look yourself.  I often hear “it will never look like this again”. I do what I can  to help educate you with tips, and product knowledge  as well as show you how I style.

In the beauty industry we work mostly on the outside, however I offer healing work for your inner beauty.  I don’t think the order matters as long as you feel just as beautiful on the inside as you do the out.

Call today and begin a relationship that will last a lifetime….I’m ready, are you?


Laura Thorsson Dunger