Wedding Info

March 20th, 2014

I have to say I thoroughly enjoy wedding services.  Many stylist may shy away from this field, due the stress factor and the possibility of bridzilla as your client. I believe I only invite those who are able to work fluidly with their idea and my creative expertise to achieve the look for that special day. This invitation I speak of is by way of my intention as a stylist and “knock on wood” no bridzillas have slipped through the cracks.

Generally speaking a bride requests either up style or down and leaves the rest to me. Other brides start with a photo and we build from there with face shape, texture and density of the hair in full consideration. I work fast, yet efficiently. I have successfully  done parties of 7 for both hair and make-up, by myself.   I spend ample time with the bride on the day of the preview and do my best to cover anything and everything for the wedding day.  Depending on the bride, I make sure to stay in constant contact via email.  The bride usually clues me in on her bridesmaids, maid of honor, flower girl(s), mother of the bride/groom so I have an idea of what they are looking for as far as style and the hair I may be working with the day of the wedding.

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On some occasions if bridesmaids have challenging hair I recommend they come in the day before to have hair prepped. This would be someone with lots and lots of hair or extremely curly or frizzy hair.  The prep would be a wash and blow out to cut time the wedding day and make it easier to achieve the desired look, may it be curls, up style or loose waves.

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The make up I use is TRUE. It is a mineral make up that is only sold to salon and spa. My preference is to make a flawless version of the clients current look.  Not over the top, more soft and pretty. It is noticeable in the way of complimenting your existing beauty by improving skin tone, highlighting just the right areas and accenting eyebrows with just the right shade. Typically I use 3 colors on the eyes and the appropriate shade of eye liner, if desired.  I’m not apposed to a more dramatic look if that is requested, as long as the result is tasteful or artistic.

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I am NOT a cookie cutter stylist.  I take a look and make it work for the person. Even if all bridesmaids ask for the same hair, each gets a version that’s right for her personally.  When everyone is happy, including myself, my work is done.  I have only advertised once for bridal services. The word of mouth is strong with my services and I prefer clients from referrals.

Skin Care

March 11th, 2014

spa room 2As a skin therapist I use both Mark Lee’s and Bio Therapeutic products in conjunction with microcurrent aesthetic equipment. This combination allows me to offer services from age prevention and acne treatment to maintaining healthy skin.

The most exciting skin care service I offer is the “non-surgical face lift” (BT Cocktail Facial). I choose microcurrent technology for my studio because it was the only solution to provide impressive instant results! Although a revitalized appearance is achieved after the first application, it is recommended to commit to a series for maximum results.


Non- Invasive Harmonious with the Body

spa room 3In today’s world of evolving skin and medical care, there is a seemingly endless array of options for our anti aging needs.  These range from basic skin care, non-invasive technology such as microcurrent, LED, and injectables to invasive laser and surgical procedures. Bio Therapeutic believes in using the most natural, least invasive procedures possible. These work in complete harmony with the body by stimulating its natural repair and regeneration process.


Invasive VS Non Invasive

Should a client need a more invasive procedure or injectable service, Bio Therapeutic will prepare you pre and post procedure. By utilizing microcurrent before and after your invasive procedure you maximize you results.  Although invasive procedures and injectables can be rapidly effective for more severe needs, remember that they do nothing for the condition of the skin.  This is where microcurrent comes in!!!

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Microcurrent Quick Facts

March 11th, 2014

*Reduces signs of aging with specialized products and microcurrent technology

*Helps firm, smooth and lift

*Rehydrates skin

*improves circulation

*A revitalized appearance is achieved after 1st treatment

*Preventative for young clients

*Rejuvenating for mature clients


Maximum and longer lasting results achieved by committing to a series. ( BT Cocktail homecare recommended)